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Unique, free domain name generator, domain information, whois checker and business name generator.

New Open Source NoSQL CMS

Introducing MongoPress - the high performance PHP NoSQL CMS. Based on the innovative, high-performance database MongoDB - and the tried and proven PHP - find out more here: MongoPress - PHP MongoDB CMS

Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation

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For the last ten years ewonder has been producing fast, reliable, robust and creative websites. Some of these sites are now ranked in the top 5000 websites world wide. (Source: quantcast.com)

We don't just produce glossy web based brochures for your business - but we produce web sites that can scale vastly, are robust, that meet your customers needs, that understand and represent your business.

Services offered:

 •  Web Design
 •  Website Redesign
 •  Webpage Layout
 •  Website Template Design
 •  Search Engine Optimisation
 •  Content Management Systems
 •  Website Maintenance
 •  Web Application Development

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SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

Building a world class website that is designed to cope with millions of monthly visitors is only the first stage, the second stage is making sure that the visitors know your site exists, and that they find it. This is where search engine optimisation comes in. Appearing in the top pages for any search terms is not an automatic process, the ranking of your website is more complex than using a search engine submission service and waiting. Many factors come into play when determining the placement of your web page in the search results page. Search engine optimization is the process of ensuring that your website appears in the results where people will look for it - as close to the top as possible.

ewonder can ensure that your web site appears in the top positions for the search terms that are important to your business. Contact us for more information.