search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization.

Did you mean: search engine optimisation?

What is search engine optimization?

When looking for information or products on the web, users will turn to either, well known brands such as amazon, search engines such as google, or directories such as Yahoo!. Every visitor to your site from search engines has looked for something to do with your site, possibly your company name or a product that you sell. Search engine optimisation refers to designing or modifying your site in such a way that will ensure that for relevant queries on search engines your site features as close to the top as possible.

Several basic stages exist in this process;

Determining what terms would be searched on to reach your site, and provide targeted visitors. Incorporating these terms into your site in ways which promote the ranking of your pages for these terms. Ensuring the structure of your site is such that search engines can discover all the pages within your site. Obtaining links to your site from others that are considered important. Submitting your site to the search engines.

This is a basic description of the process and can involve much more subtle techniques.

What can be expected from the successful use of search engine optimization?

Successful search engine optimization will result in more visitors to your site. The additional numbers will range from a doubling to a 10 fold or more in number of visitors. Assuming your site holds relevant products or services this could result in a corresponding increase in sales or business.

Expectations have to be realistic and targeted. On extremely popular searches such as “mp3” thousands of sites have already been optimised on this term. Some using highly dubious techniques. Getting to the number one position in search results is not likely, without having better products and bigger budgets than those in the position already. But for less competitive terms even basic search engine optimisation can have some astounding results. The trade off is that the more focused search terms are less competitive are more likely to be converted into sales, but will result in less visitors.

What search engine optimization services does ewonder offer?

Every web site produced by ewonder features the appropriate level of search engine optimization. For sites that are dynamically generated from a database ewonder ensures that this content that is so often hidden from the search engines is accessible, and will rank in the search engines as well as any static page. By ensuring that the level of optimisation is appropriate for your web site ewonder’s search engine optimisation service will improve your company’s profile, the number of visitors and the number of successful sales for your business.

It doesn’t just have to be a new site. If your site is not performing in the search eninges as well as you had hoped. ewonder can optimise existing sites for performance in the search engines, contact us for more information on search engine optimisation for your site.

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